Animal Head and Tail Magnets

Amanda from Love and Renovation shares an easy peasy tutorial for adding a little fun to your fridge. Amanda and her husband cut some plastic animals in half, added magnets, and spray painted the whole shebang a bright sunshiny yellow. I know my kids would get a kick out of these!

animal magnets

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Faux Stainless Steel Alphabet Magnets

You are probably no stranger to the brightly colored alphabet fridge magnets that are a staple in homes with young children. They are great for keeping the kiddos entertained in the kitchen but, let’s be honest, don’t exactly add to the décor. Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow jazzed up a set of letters with some […Read More]

Polaroid Photo Magnets

I love walking through my house and seeing family photos that bring back happy memories. Holly from Holly Would shares a fun and simple way to display some of those cherished photographs on your fridge using magnet sheets. I think it’s so cute how these resemble Polaroid pictures. The look itself brings on a bit […Read More]

Kids Magnetic Chore Chart

April from Cup of Delight was honored when her sister consulted her about creating a chore chart for her kiddos. April purchased a magnetic whiteboard for her “canvas” and added scrapbook paper and ribbon for aesthetics. The chore magnets were created on the computer and then printed on magnetic paper so they can be easily […Read More]

Fabric Magnet Board

Tracy from Beneath My Heart made this adorable magnet board by wrapping an aluminum sheet with fabric and finishing with a bow and ribbon. Totally cute! She had a little girl’s room in mind when she made this one. What a perfect place to display a precious drawing! Tracy was inspired by the Magnetic Board […Read More]