Painted Cookie Jar Lids with Decorative Knobs

mackenzie childs knock off cookie jar lids

Amy from Joyful Daisy is at it again with another MacKenzie-Childs knock off! This time Amy made over her mom’s cookie jars with pretty ceramic knobs and painted lids. Here’s from Amy: “These cookie jar lids only took a couple hours with drying time yet look so cute. I snuck over to my mom’s, grabbed her plain lids, painted them up, and returned them before she got home from work! She was so excited and noticed them right away.”

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Kitchen Hook Rack from Forks and Spoons

diy kitchen hooks

Carlee of Ladybird Ln had an awkward wall in her kitchen where a chimney had once been. She found a cute utensil hook rack that would be the perfect solution for the space, but it was too pricey and too small. Not a problem for Carlee, who was able to make an even larger hook rack with her own twist for a fraction of the cost. She says, “By finding a fun wrought iron decorative piece and thrift store utensils for mere pennies, I created a one-of-a-kind charming piece that is both functional and decorative. My aprons have never been so happy!”

diy kitchen hooks

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Decorative Pear (That Looks Good Enough to Eat!)

decorative pear

Elisha of Pneumatic Addict Furniture has admired Ballard’s Terra Cotta Pears for years, but it wasn’t until a recent craft store trip that she was inspired to make her own. Elisha combined a Styrofoam ball and cone to make her 13 inch pear form and then added texture and depth with tissue paper and paint. I think she did a great job giving it a realistic look!

decorative pear

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Vintage “Refreshments” Sign


Back at Christmas time Tricia from Simplicity in the South turned the old brass kick plate from her front door into a vintage Christmas sign. Great repurpose, right? Well, it doesn’t stop there! Tricia used the reverse side of the kick plate to make a “Refreshments” sign for her kitchen. Come Christmas time she will just have to flip it back over for some super speedy decorating. Brilliant!


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Faux Stainless Steel Alphabet Magnets

faux stainless steel alphabet magnets

You are probably no stranger to the brightly colored alphabet fridge magnets that are a staple in homes with young children. They are great for keeping the kiddos entertained in the kitchen but, let’s be honest, don’t exactly add to the décor. Rebecca from The Crafted Sparrow jazzed up a set of letters with some […Read More]

“Zinc” Wall Letters

I know we all appreciate those quick and easy projects that give the instant gratification of creating something new. Linda from burlap+blue shares this “30 minute makeable" for painting your own “zinc” wall letters. Although they are really paper mache, Linda’s letters sure could have fooled me with their metal-like finish!   Linda was inspired […Read More]

Stenciled Wall Letters

Leah from Leah Marie V has been in love with wall letters for awhile now and searched high and low to find some for her kitchen. After all the time invested, Leah was disappointed to only find letters that were not her style or were way too expensive. Thank goodness for DIY! With some paint […Read More]

Wooden Herb Crates

Mel from Junkin’ Junky decided to make her own rustic herb crates since the cost of shipping to Canada really ran up their purchase price. After building and staining her boxes, Mel used vinyl to create a stencil and painted on her wording. She’s still working on adding hooks like those of her inspiration, but, […Read More]