Easy as 1, 2, 3 Numbers Floor Pouf

Charlotte from Ciburbanity recently participated in a contest where she was challenged to create a sewing project using fabric from Waverly. Since she doesn’t consider herself a skilled seamstress, Charlotte knew a copycat project was the way to go and found an adorable numeric pouf for inspiration. She combined her lovely blue floral fabric with canvas drop cloth to put a fun twist on Land of Nod’s comfy math cushion.

diy numbers pouf

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Doll Crib with Changing Table

Mable from Tiny Dazzles Blog recently celebrated her daughter’s third birthday and knew the perfect gift for her sweet girl – a doll crib! She found plans for a DIY crib from Ana White and tweaked them a bit to include a changing table and storage shelves. Mable was able to make her crib for only $6 since she already had most of the supplies on hand. That’s $6 well spent since Mable gets to enjoy the sight of her daughter putting her dolls to bed each night. Precious!

diy doll crib

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Transportation Wall Art for Less Than $10

Krista from While He Was Napping knew paying $69 for one piece of artwork for her son’s room was out of the question, especially when she wanted a whole set of the cute transportation canvases. “What’s a budget-strapped momma to do?” Krista asks. Make her own, of course! Being the resourceful gal she is, Krista even made the stretched canvases herself from picture frames before adding the fabric vehicles. All four canvases cost her less than $10 to create!

transportation wall art

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Kids Train Table

Like couches in living rooms, activity tables are staple furnishings for playrooms. However, they can be quite pricey, especially considering the fact that kids aren’t exactly gentle on furniture. Janette from Style with Cents shares how to make a table that is TWICE as big and HALF the cost of one of Pottery Barn Kid’s most popular activity tables using MDF and fence posts. I can’t say it any better than Janette – “That’s what you call WINNING, my friends.”

pottery barn kids inspired train table kids table $40[20]

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Personalized Canvas Nightlight

I think part of the appeal of Pottery Barn Kids is that pretty much anything can be customized. However, as we all know, custom comes at a cost. Like… $35 for a nightlight. Ouch! Fortunately, crafty ladies like Vanessa from Tried and True have a knack for getting that custom look without spending $35 on something that costs $5 at Wal-mart. Vanessa shares at Crafts Unleashed how she made this adorable nightlight using a mini canvas and tissue paper. Too cute!

customized bird nightlight

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Spinning Chore Chart

Now, I know these aren’t knock-offs exactly, but I am so smitten with Brooke’s spinning chore charts at All Things Thrifty I simply had to share. Brooke, being the creative genius that she is, turned two lazy Susans into fun AND decorative spinning chore charts for her kids. Who would ever think kids would actually […Read More]

Personalized Step Stool

With two young children, I can attest to the fact that a stool is a necessity in the bathroom and can also be helpful if you’ve a little chef in the kitchen. While plastic stools get the job done, they just aren’t nearly as pleasing to the eye as a personalized wood stool like this one from Jaime at That’s My Letter. Jaime followed plans from Ana White to build her stool for next to nothing using scraps she had on hand. The hand painted personalization is just the icing on the cake!

personalized pbk inspired step stool

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Animal Head and Tail Magnets

Amanda from Love and Renovation shares an easy peasy tutorial for adding a little fun to your fridge. Amanda and her husband cut some plastic animals in half, added magnets, and spray painted the whole shebang a bright sunshiny yellow. I know my kids would get a kick out of these!

animal magnets

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