Framed Skeleton Keys


Instead of paying $99 for framed skeleton keys, Angie from The Country Chic Cottage suggests stalking secondhand stores to make these beauties at a fraction of the cost. A mere fraction of the cost. Like $7 for two instead of $200! Angie pulled it off by pairing a set of reproduction skeleton keys she found at the flea market with thrift store frames. I love how they came out!

framed skeleton keys from flea market

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Key-Topped Bottles


t’s kind of hard to make key-topped bottles when you don’t have any antique keys. That is unless you’re a resourceful gal like Amy from Twigg Studios! Amy molded her own keys out of clay that have the same beautiful detail of her Pottery Barn inspiration. And I can guarantee they didn’t cost $59 to make!

clay keys bottles-008

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Vintage Key Rack

If your current key organization system involves a tangled mess of metal in a bowl, then this project from Suzanne at Meridian Road is for you! Suzanne created a hotel-inspired vintage key rack that features metal label holders and hooks. If you’ve got some salvaged wood, all the better, since the finished product is supposed [...Read More]