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Beachy Bottles with Seashells

A lover of seaside decor, Traci at Inspiring Homestyle was inspired to turn some bottles and shells she already had into decorative pieces for her home. Using hot glue, Traci secured her seashells with pointed ends into the openings of the glass bottles. Then to finish it off, she wrapped natural rope yarn around the top of each bottle. A bit more hot glue and viola! Quick, easy, inexpensive, and beautiful accessories!

seashell bottles

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Turn a Vase into a Coastal Glass Lamp

Lisa from Salt March Cottage has been working to rebuild and refurnish her beach cottage which was destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. Understandable, controlling costs is a must. Lisa fell hard for a demijohn jug lamp with burlap shade, but the $269 stood in the way of Lisa and her dream lamp. Lisa knew that didn’t mean she couldn’t make a similar coastal style lamp and did just that with a vase from Home Goods and some items from the hardware store. Thanks to Lisa’s resourceful knock-off she saved a whopping $221!

glass lamp from vase

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