Decorative Mirror with Scalloped Border

This summer Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating devoted a month to making over a tiny bathroom in her condo. One of her DIY projects for the space was creating a decorative mirror with a pretty scalloped border for above the vanity. Kristi actually cut that pretty scalloped border from a piece of MDF she had on hand going at a snail’s pace with her jigsaw. Kristi’s final cost for the mirror was only $25, and she says even if you had to purchase the MDF it would be “a far cry from $334!!”


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Wood Market Sign

It’s no secret that wall décor can get expensive, especially for larger pieces. Luckily, armed with wood, paint, and a bit of creativity, you can fill those walls without breaking the bank! Just check out this weathered wood plaque that Mimi from Blue Roof Cabin created with plywood and a jigsaw. The gorgeous shape and custom wording make for a truly unique piece of wall décor!

how to make a vintage market sign

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Wooden Chalkboard Sign

A piece of scrap plywood can become a birthday sign that doubles as wall décor following this tutorial from Jaime at That’s My Letter.  The chalkboard finish makes this sign very versatile. Hang it for a party like Jaime did and then later add it a bedroom or playroom as wall décor. No doubt kids would love to change the message for tea parties, restaurant, and other pretend play.


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Curved Wood Headboard

Even if you aren’t too familiar with power tools and building from scratch, I think you will agree that this DIY headboard by Jaime from That’s My Letter is pretty simple. After creating a template of her design from craft paper, Jaime traced it onto MDF and used her jigsaw to cut it out. Beyond […Read More]

Numbered Wood Dresser

Monica and Jess from the Real Housewives of Bucks County recently went through a project whirlwind as they completed four big projects in only four weeks. They shared one of their faves  at Craftaholics Anonymous, a dresser that they transformed into an Anthro-inspired masterpiece. I know we have seen this knock off a few times, […Read More]

Decorative Wood Shelf

Jeanette from Homa Style found a shelf she loved in a Country Living magazine. However, it was a Jane Doe with no name, no manufacturer, and no info on where to buy it. That wasn’t a problem for Jeanette who was perfectly capable of making her own with some simple hand tools. I love the […Read More]

Feed Store Wall Plaque

This wooden wall plaque was the perfect solution for a large, awkward wall space in Gwen from Gwenny Penny’s dining room. Gwen says, “All you need is a little wood and some basic woodworking knowledge. Don’t be intimidated by this project. It’s actually pretty simple and moves quickly.” The cut of the wood adds architectural […Read More]

Large French Clock

Desiree from Camelot Art Creations made this 3-foot clock using a pallet she pulled from a dumpster. Talk about resourceful! After a bit of painting and distressing, she added barn hinges for the clock hands. Best of all, this big ol’ clock cost Desiree only $3.78 to make! Desiree’s original inspiration came from the 5-Foot […Read More]