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Give the Gift of Bling with an Embellished Cuff Bracelet

Bev from Flamingo Toes can hardly resist the “siren call” of Anthropologie’s jewelry, and who can blame her??? They’ve got beautiful baubles galore! Fortunately, Bev shares how you can recreate the look with this pretty cuff bracelet that’s full of color and texture. Bev started out with a plain cuff and embellished it with ribbon, fabric, buttons, brooches, and the like. This is the perfect gift for a mom who loves a little bling!

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Rope Knot Necklace

It’s no secret that many mommas like jewelry so here’s another stylish gift idea for Mom shared by MacKenzie at Encourage Fashion. MacKenzie created a pretty dip-dyed knot necklace that’s great for summer and simple enough that even those with no jewelry-making skills can pull it off. I love the ombre effect MacKenzie achieved with her dye. So pretty!

dip dyed knot necklace inspired by anthropologie 2

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Monogram Charm Key Chain

If you are dabbling with the idea of DIY this Mother’s Day, Morena of Morena’s Corner shares an easy-to-make gift idea that she says is perfect for beginners. Over at Crafts Unleashed, she walks you through the steps to create a monogrammed key chain that jingles and jangles with lots of pretty charms. Think how fun it would be to customize it to reflect Momma’s favorite colors and style!

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