Animal Jewelry Trinket Trays

Beverly from Flamingo Toes always has the BEST jewelry-making tutorials – and now an adorable way to store those handmade baubles! Beverly made these Anthropologie-inspired trinket trays using small dishes and plastic animals. With a coat of glossy white paint and gold polka dots, they look just like her inspiration – only much cheaper! Beverly […Read More]

DIY Jewelry Stand from Scrap Wood

Jaime from That’s My Letter shows how you can turn scrap wood and a couple of dowels into an adorable personalized jewelry stand. I love the addition of the crystal knob and beads for a timeless and classy look. This would make a wonderful gift for a special little lady in your life!

diy jewelry stand

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Best of PB #2: Wooden Tray to Hanging Jewelry Organizer

Melissa from A Time for Everything created this vintage piece to hold all of her jewelry. Melissa said, “I love old wood spools and finding new ways to use them, especially after finding a large Ziploc bagful for $2 at a garage sale.  As I was making my jewelry organizer, I knew that spools would be an ideal fit with the burlap and distressed wood I was using.  I incorporated them to hang not only necklaces, but bracelets as well.”


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From Chipped to Treasured {Decorative Jewelry Dish}

Jamie from anderson + grant was totally bummed when she got a chip in a white decorative bowl that she loved. She simply couldn’t part with the dish and, instead of tossing it, extended its life by adding a bird she formed from clay. The strategically-placed bird hides the chip and transformed the plain white bowl into a cute little birdbath perfect for holding jewelry or serving as a catchall!

jewelry dish

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Cloche Jewelry Holder

If your mom loves jewelry but already has enough to out-bling Vegas,  why not make her a jewelry holder for Mother’s Day? There are tons of tutorials out there for DIY jewelry storage, but what I love about this cloche from Christine at Tin’s Bloggin is that it is made from recyclables. How perfect is it for storing bracelets, watches, or rings?!?

pottery barn inspired jewelry cloche

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Mannequin Bust Jewelry Holder

Morena of Morena’s Corner shares at Crafts Unleashed how she combined her love for all things vintage and the dressmaker’s form trend to create a truly unique jewelry holder. Morena did a great job achieving an antiqued finish and walks you through the simple steps to get the same look. This piece is “striking” on its own or draped with necklaces and other accessories.


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Jewelry Tree Stand

Just this morning I was flipping through my Better Homes and Gardens magazine when a jewelry tree stand caught my eye. Then I saw this really cool wire version made by Deidre from A Craft A Day. I think it’s the little nest in the middle that really gets me. Deidre points out that making […Read More]

Ceramic Jewelry Tray

It’s really amazing how many knockoffs are so simple and inexpensive. Just take this jewelry tray from Laura at I’m Not a Trophy Wife. Laura was inspired to take an inexpensive white tray she had from Marshall’s and glam it up with vinyl numbers. The numbers add a little extra something and make a great […Read More]