Stenciled Rug

stenciled rug

I finally jumped on the bandwagon this summer and stenciled a rug for my patio. I love the graphic impact the design brings to the seating area. Even after all the stenciled rugs I’ve seen around, I was still blown away when I saw the rug created by Lydia from Pudel-Design for the reading nook in her bedroom. Lydia made her own stencil, then traced it onto the entire rug, and hand painted it. I can only imagine the tedium involved in this process, but Lydia’s results are simply astounding!

stenciled rug

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Yellow Starburst Rug

If you are a regular reader of Knock Off Décor, you may remember the pink geometric rug made by Holly from Adventures of an Almost Forty Year Old Intern. Some of her friends loved it so much they requested Holly make one for them. For one such project, Holly helped bring life and personality to […Read More]

Handpainted Chevron Rug

DIY chevron rug

Micki from Mason Jar Champagne fell for a chevron rug during a trip to Boston. She knew it was perfect for her guest room and must be simple enough to DIY. One of the hardest parts was making up her mind on the color! Following some fabric-painting tips she saw on the web, Micki made […Read More]