Paper Mache Starburst Mirror

DIY starbursts have been crazy popular and run the gamut when it comes to design from chunky wood to spindly metal rays. Amanda from House Revivals used the art of paper mache to create her starburst mirror that was inspired by mid-century compass rose clocks and a Horchow mirror. This was also an ecofriendly project […Read More]

Chalkboard Label Spice Jars

Holly from Holly Would shares a fun way to repurpose baby food jars into colorful spice jars sure to brighten up your kitchen. The jars feature chalkboard labels and lids with a raised design that Holly created with puff paint. These jars are so much fun that Holly is probably just looking for excuses to […Read More]

Quilled Christmas Ornaments

It is no secret to those who know her that Johnnie from Saved By Love Creations loves to coil magazine pages and make them into any and everything.  That is why she was so excited when a friend sent her a link to some quilled ornaments from West Elm. Paper filigree is a great way […Read More]

Tree Stump Side Table

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers was in love with the tree stump tables she had been seeing all over the Internet and wanted to try her hand at making her own. After Becca’s stump was free of all pests, she cleaned and  sanded it and then applied a homemade stain from steel wool and […Read More]

Color Gradient Desk

Amy from Sisters of the Wild West turned a shabby desk she got for free off Craigslist into a showstopper with just a few paint samples. Amy selected shades of green and blue to give the desk a fresh color gradient look. It was genius on Amy’s part to apply the idea from Anthro’s shower […Read More]

Jute Covered Green Glass Jars

Heidi from Fostering a Creative Life has a love for jute that runs deep. When she saw some jute covered demijohns from Ballard, she knew she needed them and set out to find the perfect green glass jars. Heidi says, “The key is finding the right glassware to use and perfecting the technique of tight […Read More]

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