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Electronics Charging Station

If your dad or husband is a gadget guy, he would undoubtedly appreciate having one place to charge all his techie toys. Kris from Driven By Décor created a family charging station to get her crew’s electronics under control and end the hunt for missing cords and adapters. Kris made this so easily using a desktop organizer. I actually love this design more than charging stations I’ve seen at retail stores because the compartments keep the wires completely hidden and devices neatly organized.

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Gift Ideas for Dad #10: Wooden Tic Tac Toe Game

My husband is the Tic Tac Toe champion in our house, and our kids love trying to beat their game-master dad and learning all his strategies and secrets. If your husband is like mine, a wooden Tic Tac Toe game like this one from Bette at Somerset Lane would make a fun and sentimental gift. If you wanted to get your kiddos in on the creating, you could have them paint the cubes instead of staining them and cut Xs and Os out of vinyl or even use scrapbooking letters.

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Gift Ideas for Dad #8: Wooden Photo Cubes

There is nothing that melts a dad’s heart like the sweet faces of his children, whether they are three or thirty! Julia from Stars & Sunshine created a set of wooden photo blocks for her dad that includes six different pictures of their family. I love Julia’s design that allows you to “rotate” the pictures by simply turning the cubes. This would make a fun and meaningful addition to Dad’s office, and even the kiddos would enjoy the picture “puzzles.”

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