DIY Pendant Light Made from… Bowls?!?


This DIY pendant light made by Jessica at Mad in Crafts is so sleek and chic you’d never guess it actually started as… two cheap plastic bowls! Crazy, huh? Jessica gave her Dremmel a workout drilling all the holes into the bowls to create the modern geometric design. She says, “…for the cost of a few plastic bowls and a lamp kit, we now have a chic hanging accent light that looks much more expensive than it is!”

diy pendant light

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Faceted Pendant Light


Kelly from View Along the Way has a major crush on faceted lighting and décor. Fortunately, she also has a brilliant husband with mad woodworking skills who was able to create this dodecahedron light fixture, which is made of “30 pieces of wood cut at very exact, weird angles.” My head hurts just thinking about it! Kelly’s whole laundry room makeover is simply stunning, but this little light steals the show!

dodecahedron faceted light fixture

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Geometric Rectangles Daybed


Erin from One Project at a Time couldn’t help but do “a little happy dance” when she found plans for a geometric daybed over at Ana White. It was just the bed she had been wanting for her baby’s nursery, and Erin was more than thrilled to save some cash through DIY. She pretty much sums it up when she says, “The best thing about DIY is with a little courage and practice you can have West Elm taste on a Kmart budget.”

geometric daybed inspired by west elm

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Circle Wall Art

circle art

Even if you’re not an artist, you may be amazed at your ability to create a piece of art that you love for your home. Kelli from A Happy Place Called Home rode the roller coaster of excitement to disappointment when she saw some circle art prints online AND their monster price tags. Fortunately, she [...Read More]

Abstract Circle Art

Beth at Free Stylin’ was inspired to try her hand at creating her own piece of abstract art for her mantel. The hardest part of this project for Beth was working up the courage to be her own artist. She was surprised though by the simplicity of the project and absolutely loves the finished product. [...Read More]

Paint Chip Circle Art

I know we all love a good paint chip project! Of course, it’s all the better if those paint chips become a super simple piece of DIY artwork like this canvas from Tristin at Two Girls Being Crafty. Tristin used paint chips and Mod Podge to create this modern intersecting circle design. I think it [...Read More]

Herringbone Wall Art

Sam from The Junk House found a piece of digital art she loved but wanted a different color scheme than the original. That’s the beauty of DIY! Color, size, design – you can modify it all to meet your needs. Sam glued strips of scrapbook paper to a poster board to create her custom herringbone [...Read More]

Orb Chandelier

This orb chandelier from Kristen at My Covered Bridge ranks as one of her favorite projects ever. Kristen says, “It’s easy, cheap, and high impact.” What’s not to love about that? Kristen created her chandy for only $10 using parts from her existing brass light fixture and two hanging garden planters.  The planters are perfect [...Read More]