Kilim-Inspired DIY Wall Art

Liz from Life in Projects loved a handwoven wool rug from West Elm. However, she says at $799 there was no way the rug would be making a debut in her home. That didn’t mean Liz couldn’t still incorporate the look into her space! Liz turned the design from the rug into wall art by simply “stamping” a drop cloth with the end of a piece of wood. I love how such a simple pattern can make such a impact!

wool kilim inspired artwork

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Easy Framed Sheet Music Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers is at it again with another easy way to create DIY artwork for your home. This go round it was a framed music sheet that caught Becca’s eye. Of course, she looked at it and knew it would be a piece of cake to make her own. I love how the sheet music adds a new element to Becca’s impressive gallery (most of which she’s created herself for next to nothing!).

frame sheet music

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Framed Wood Cut Wall Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers has created a pretty impressive DIY art gallery for her home. Her latest edition is a woodcut art print that she designed using open source, high quality graphics. It’s as simple as printing the image and popping it into a frame. Becca loves how it adds a subtle pop of color to her gallery.

wood cut art

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Black and White Abstract Art (Even Your Kids Can Paint!)

Kristin from Bliss at Home has been collecting pieces to create the very first gallery wall in her home. Since many of items are smaller, Kristin wanted a feature piece and knew an abstract art collection she’d been eyeing from West Elm would serve as the perfect inspiration. The fun part of this project is that Kristin involved her boys in the creative process. She says, “I love that we made this together and that it will be the key piece to our gallery wall.”

diy black and white abstract art

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DIY Book Page Art

Becca at From Gardners 2 Bergers shares her simple steps for creating DIY book page art on the computer. Becca asks, “Have you ever been to a restaurant and been like, ‘I should have just stayed home. could have totally made this food myself!?!’ Well guess what, this art is exactly like that!” Becca even had the genius idea to scan her book pages first so she didn’t have to sacrifice any actual pages. That means you could use a book checked out from the library or borrowed from a friend to create your art.

diy book page art

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Woodcut Art for a Kid-Friendly Gallery Wall

Monica of East Coast Creative wanted to incorporate a piece of woodcut artwork into her new kid-friendly gallery wall. However, at a whopping $1,600.00, it simply wasn’t happening. Monica says, “At that price, it had better grow into a money tree!! I’ll take my $6.99 version thank you very much.” Even better, Monica’s $6.99 version only took five minutes and a quick trip to Staples to create.

woodcut art

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Family Gallery Wall

A family gallery wall is something that has long been on my to-do someday list. Like Laura from Inspiration for Moms, I love the happiness and joy they reflect. They can be a huge undertaking though with the tasks of deciding on a layout, frames, and photos and getting all those nails perfectly placed. Laura […Read More]

Bridge Blueprint Framed Art

Becca at From Gardners to Bergers has been working on creating her own art gallery wall and this is her newest addition – bridge blueprint art. Becca found images of bridges from some of her favorite places to visit and uploaded them to Picnik for a little photo editing. Becca then framed and displayed them […Read More]

Embellished Gallery Wall

Brittney from My Suite Bliss decided it was time to create her own gallery wall after drooling over Pottery Barn’s lovely arrangements in each catalog. Brittney says, “I used frames found at a second hand store along with un-used frames in a closet.  I worked in some large letters, numbers, and some oversized knobs.  I […Read More]