Outdoor Fabric Sofa

Cait and Robert of Hernando House recently came up with a plan to whip their large covered back porch into shape for summer. One of the items on their wish list was a outdoor sofa from West Elm. Well, not the actual $899 sofa, but a more budget-friendly DIY version! Cait and Robert worked together to plan, build, and upholster their cushy sofa. Looks like a great place to kick back after a long day!

DIY outdoor sofa inspired by West Elm

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Upholstered Coffee Table Ottoman

If you had to choose between dishing out almost a grand for an upholstered bench from Horchow or making your own for a mere $50, I think it’s safe to say we’d all head straight for the hardware store. Nan from You Could Make That shows that it doesn’t take an experienced carpenter/upholsterer to make a bench or ottoman from scratch. Nan simply used a piece of plywood and table legs for the base and then got a seamless upholstered finish by adding  a pleated skirt and decorative trim. Not only is the end product beautiful but super strong and sturdy!

upholstered ottoman

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Upholstered Bench

Kristen from Lipstick and Sawdust just completed the latest addition to her “Jewel Box” guest room – an upholstered bench that she planned and built herself! Kristen saved money on materials by using foam from clearance IKEA cushions and some scrap wood pieces. I love how Kristen always finds ways to save money while still producing gorgeous results!

upholstered bench

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Office Sign

Marisa of Marisa Howard Design saw a sign from Pottery Barn that would make a cute addition to her office and realized it would be simple to replicate for very little cost. As opposed to just painting on her text, Marisa created dimension by cutting the frame and letters from foam. She points out that the sign looks great on shelf or the office door.

PB-Inspired-Sign4 (1)

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Repurposed White Holiday Planter

Today I’m kicking off a full week of holiday knock-offs for a little Christmas in July fun. Nick from Choose to Thrive created this gorgeous white planter for her Christmas centerpiece. Wondering what it’s made from? Would you believe me if I said it’s an oatmeal container covered with foam strips and newspaper? This planter […Read More]

Nailhead Trim Upholstered Headboard

Heidi from Budget Wise Home created her own king-sized headboard by upholstering a piece of plywood and then adding nailhead trim. The fabric and nailhead detail lend a look of natural sophistication to the room. Heidi’s knockoff cost $100 to create. Heidi was inspired by the Nailhead Upholstered Headboard from West Elm. Check out Heidi’s […Read More]