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Mercury Glass Lamp

If you love the silvery look of mercury glass, you will be relieved to know that you don’t have to pay big bucks for the real deal. Like Jennifer from Decorated Chaos shows, a spray bottle of vinegar and water and Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint are all you need to pull off the same finish. Jennifer used this technique to turn a glass lamp from the thrift store into this beauty!

diy mercury glass lamp

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Spray Your Way to a Mercury Glass Lamp

While on a recent trip, Debbie from One Day at a Time ventured out on a little shopping adventure while her husband was napping and just so happened to land a set of glass lamps for only $5.99 a piece on closeout. Talk about a steal! Sure, the clear glass was pretty, but Debbie had a different look in mind for the lamps and broke out the Looking Glass paint. The open bottoms made them the perfect candidates for Debbie’s faux mercury glass technique, as evidenced by the beautiful results!

faux mercury glass lamp

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Faux Mercury Glass Pendant

This DIY mercury glass pendant is the very first project Tricia shared on her new blog Simplicity in the South. She had been wanting to try out Krylon’s Looking Glass spray paint, and this was the perfect opportunity to give it a go. With a few coats of the paint, Tricia made an inexpensive shade from Lowes look like the $400 one she’d been drooling over!

faux mercury glass pendant

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