Driftwood Orb


After a beach trip, Zoe from Creative in Chicago was feeling inspired to create coastal décor. So it was no surprise that a driftwood orb from Crate & Barrel sent her on a mission to collect driftwood and make her own. Zoe’s orb is so stunning that you’d think it was a difficult project to tackle. So not true! Once you check out Zoe’s tutorial you will see how easy it really is (which will, of course, make you want to schedule your own special beach trip to collect driftwood and make an orb)!


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Driftwood Wall Star

Ashley from The Handmade Home was on a beach vacation when she saw a decorative wall star made from driftwood in a Pottery Barn catalog. It must have been destiny since she was surrounded by oodles and bahoodles of driftwood. Ashley collected some small flat pieces and glued them onto a star cut from thin […Read More]