Simple DIY Gold Sunburst Mirror

Megan from Biltsy felt a little pitter patter when she laid eyes on the Queen Anne’s Lace Mirror from Anthropologie. She challenged herself to replicate the look of the eye-catching mirror using a few simple craft supplies – gold wire, Styrofoam, and a round mirror. Megan’s mirror looks amazingly like her inspiration but for waaay […Read More]

Silver Starburst Mirror

I am thrilled to have Mrs. Polly Rogers back with another of her fabulous and frugal creations, and let me say that her starburst mirror is a true lesson in thriftiness! The secret ingredient here is bendy straws that Polly painted silver and attached to an inexpensive round mirror. Polly says, “This project is fast, cheap, and easy but DRAMATIC and stands up to the closest scrutiny.”


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Paper Mache Starburst Mirror

DIY starbursts have been crazy popular and run the gamut when it comes to design from chunky wood to spindly metal rays. Amanda from House Revivals used the art of paper mache to create her starburst mirror that was inspired by mid-century compass rose clocks and a Horchow mirror. This was also an ecofriendly project […Read More]