“Holy Night” Heat Press Pillow

Jeanie from Create & Babble is a huge fan of knock offs. What’s not to like about saving money and customizing décor at the same time?!? Jeanie saw a “Holy Night” Christmas pillow from Birch Lane and had to have her own. She just wasn’t a fan of the $58 price tag or the fact […Read More]

Outdoor Painted Pumpkin Pillows

Nancy from Slightly Coastal loved Pottery Barn’s outdoor pumpkin pillow, but two pillows with shipping would run her about $100. Not happening! Nancy was later walking through the craft store when she noticed outdoor fabric was 60% off. The wheels in her head started turning, and Nancy headed home with 1.5 yards of fabric and […Read More]

Sharpie Stenciled Pillow

Rather than purchasing a $100+ pillow in genuine Kravet Windsor Smith Riad fabric, Virginia from LiveLoveDIY decided to make her own stencil and use a Sharpie to create the same look. I love the interest the bold design adds to the space, and a few bucks for a designer look-a-like pillow is definitely something to […Read More]

Cozy Fur-Trimmed Sweater Pillows

Robin from Redo It Yourself Inspirations shares a thrifty sewing tutorial to keep your couch warm and snuggly with these Pottery Barn knock off fur trim pillows. And the best part? They are super easy on the budget! Robin actually made her pillows from clothing she picked up at the thrift store and found in […Read More]

Painted Pumpkin Pillow Cover

Erin from Meadow Lake Road loved a beautiful embroidered pillow cover she saw at Pottery Barn and would have loved to incorporate it into her fall décor. However, there was just no way she was spending $60 on a seasonal pillow cover. And I am so glad because we get to enjoy this awesome knock […Read More]

Best of Knock Off Decor #3: Mr. & Mrs. Burlap Pillow

Well today I am back with the third most viewed project ever on Knock Off Decor – Mr. and Mrs. burlap pillows inspired by Ballard Designs. They come from Kait at Mrs. DIY & The Tennis Guy. Kait loves burlap and pillows so, of course, she just had to knock these pillows off when she saw […Read More]

Painted Ampersand Pillow

Amanda from The Tale of an Ugly House was flipping through Pottery Barn’s catalog when she came across a cute ampersand pillow. The only thing wrong with it was the price, which immediately had Amanda hatching a plan to make her own! She headed to Hobby Lobby and picked up a canvas pillow cover for […Read More]

“You Are My Sunshine” Pillow

The song “You Are My Sunshine” holds a special place in the heart of Brandi from Don’t Disturb This Groove. When her daughter was a baby, Brandi’s mother would rock her and sing the sweet lullaby. Brandi was inspired to preserve that special memory by stamping the lyrics onto a pillow for her daughter. I […Read More]