Embroidery Hoop Mirror

Who doesn’t love Anthropologie? But the price tags? Like Colleen from Lemon Thistle, you probably can’t justify spending over two hundred dollars on a mirror. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get a mirror that looks very similar to Anthropologie’s! For this knock off, Colleen grabbed an embroidery hoop from the craft store and had […Read More]

Framed Mirror from Flooring

Kim of The Kim Six Fix recently had the opportunity to share a guest post on Pretty Handy Girl as part of her Rockstar DIY series. And she proves just what a rock star she is with this brilliant idea for making a framed mirror! Kim doesn’t have a big power tool stash so she […Read More]

Metal and Rope Wall Mirror

Wendy of Modern Day Moms shares how you can create a Restoration Hardware knock off rope and metal mirror for only $27. This project starts with an unlikely source – a baking pan! From there, it’s as simple as adhering a round mirror inside, adding hardware to the sides, and tying on the rope. Wendy […Read More]

Old Window to Multipanel Mirror

The talented Sarah of Sarah M. Dorsey Designs recently completed my favorite kind of project – a revamp and a knock-off all rolled into one! Sarah took an old window and turned it into a gorgeous multipanel wall mirror. How’d she do it? Spray paint! Sarah says, “ The Looking Glass spray paint has a beautiful reflective quality – it’s hard to believe that it came out of a spray can.”

window to mirror

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A DIY Mirror Born from Brilliance

I just love KariAnne from Thistlewood Farms, and if you aren’t already, I promise you will be hooked on her site after seeing this brilliant project! KariAnne had been saving up her pennies, 24,800 of them to be exact, to purchase a fancy schmancy mirror from Anthropologie. Fortunately, KariAnne realized she could save almost all those pennies by creating her own DIY version of that mirror on the cheap. You will never guess how she pulled it off – compact mirrors! And from the dollar store no less!

diy mirror

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Decorative Mirror with Scalloped Border

This summer Kristi from Addicted 2 Decorating devoted a month to making over a tiny bathroom in her condo. One of her DIY projects for the space was creating a decorative mirror with a pretty scalloped border for above the vanity. Kristi actually cut that pretty scalloped border from a piece of MDF she had on hand going at a snail’s pace with her jigsaw. Kristi’s final cost for the mirror was only $25, and she says even if you had to purchase the MDF it would be “a far cry from $334!!”


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Mirror Mirror on the Mantel {DIY Multipanel Mirror}

Steph from House Stuff Works couldn’t justify paying $699 for a mirror. Oh wait, let’s make that $882.33 with tax, shipping, and an oversized item fee! After doing the math, Steph quickly scoured the internet and found a few tutorials to direct her path, mostly following Kevin and Layla’s from The Lettered Cottage. Steph used mirorred candle holders with beveled edges for her tiles and opted for a more polished look by creating a thicker frame. Isn’t it a beaut?!?

multipanel mirror

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Nautical Porthole Mirror

Susan from Homeroad says, “Nothing gives me quite the thrill as looking over a new catalog and finding something  I like… Nothing that is, except realizing that I have all the pieces and can make it myself!” So was the story of this nautical mirror that Susan created. I would be pretty psyched too if I were Susan since it’s not like everyone has a weathered nautical piece sitting around. It just goes to show that you never know when those odds and ends from thrift stores and flea markets will come in handy! {wink}


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