Pickle Jars to Pottery Barn Inspired Candles

Adina from Simply Country Life says you should think twice before throwing away your old jars and repurpose them instead. Adina was inspired to embellish gallon-size pickle jars with twine and pinecones for a festive Christmas candle holder. This is such a simple fix for a plain glass jar and can easily be modified for different holidays and occasions.

glass jar candle holder

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Plastic Spoon Hurricane

Melissa of The Happier Homemaker was inspired by the plastic spoon crafts that have taken Pinterest by storm to try her own variation of a Pottery Barn bubble glass hurricane. The plastic spoons were a very fitting choice since the “bubbles” on Pottery Barn’s hurricane have an almost identical shape and size. Have you jumped on the plastic spoon bandwagon yet?


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Flower Tealight Candle Holder

You wouldn’t think there’s too much more to a plastic spoon than what meets the eye. However, Gail from Purple Hues and Me shows just how beautiful they can become with a bit of heat. Gail softened the spoons over a flame so they were pliable and then formed them into a flower. With a […Read More]