Abstract Painted Dinnerware

Mark Montano shares the perfect way to add a pop of color to your table – with abstract painted dishes! Not only do these dishes double as art, but they are incredibly simple and inexpensive to make. Simply grab some white plates and mugs from the thrift store or dollar store and get painting! By […Read More]

Create Your Own Decorative Wall Plates

When you are considering wall décor options, you may not think about plates, but they are a fun way to add color and personality to a wall. Dena from Hearts and Sharts is always getting compliments on her plate wall, which is made up of her own unique creations – hand-me-down and Goodwill plates given new life with Dena’s favorite quotes, movie scenes, and designs. Dena shares her technique for transferring text and images to plates, so you too can create one-of kind decorative plates for your wall.

plate wall art

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Decorative Wall Plates

Julia from Cuckoo 4 Design long loved the whimsical Theme and Variations plates, but at $195 PER plate, they were just way too expensive for her. So when Julia found tile stickers in Germany she got very excited, knowing she could use them to finally bring Piero Fornasetti into her budget home.

knock off theme and variations plate

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