Decorative Chunky Wall Shelf

Years ago Kristi of The Speckled Dog gave her husband a picture of a decorative ledge she’d torn from the pages of her Pottery Barn catalog. The clipping found a home in Kristi’s garage where it sat for four years until Kristi again asked her hubs when he might have time to make her one. Just a few hours later, Kristi was greeted with a ledge made from scrap molding and a few boards. Kristi took over there, finishing the ledge with a creamy white milk paint and giving it a gorgeous chippy finish. Sorry, Pottery Barn, but I totally like Kristi’s more!

decorative wall ledge

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Distressed Mantel Shelf

Heather from Sweet Number 9 immediately fell in love with a distressed wall ledge from Pottery Barn the moment she saw it. It was exactly what she needed to fill empty wall space that had been driving her crazy. Heather and her husband devised a plan to build their own shelf with some lumber and decorative molding. Their knock off is absolutely stunning and has become an immediate statement piece on the once annoyingly blank wall!

pb inspired distress wall shelf

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Decorative Wall Ledge

After building a small ledge for her bathroom, Laura from I’m Not A Trophy Wife knew she wanted a larger, chunkier version for above her bed and came up with some plans to build her own. This is a fabulous alternative to a mantel if you don’t have one and can even make a statement above a bed as a headboard. With the trim detail and distressed finish, it’s full of character and provides plenty of space for decorating.

pottery barn inspired ledge

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Decorative Mantel Ledge

Linda from burlap+blue stumbled upon a decorative ledge that was the perfect way to add some visual interest to her dining room wall. She enlisted the help of her husband to construct her own beautifully distressed ledge from some pine boards and molding. I actually love both the length and finish of Linda’s ledge better […Read More]

Reclaimed Wood Ledge

Brittney from My Suite Bliss wanted a big distressed ledge just like the one she’d seen from Pottery Barn, but most definitely not enough to pay $399 for it! Instead, Brittney did what any brilliant DIYer would do – found some reclaimed wood on Craigslist and then made it herself for less than $15. Her […Read More]

Large Decorative Mantel Ledge

Dean and Shannon from {aka}|design were a bit bummed about not having a mantel for seasonal decorating. That is until they thought to build her their PB inspired decorative ledge. Shannon says, “We love the paint treatment of this piece as much as its chunky shape. Layers and layers (eight layers in all) of chippy, […Read More]

Pinecone Topiary

Megan from Crazy Domestic created a winter topiary out of pine cones and  a pretty planter she found at Hobby Lobby.  She writes, “I made a topiary out of pinecone rosettes and lightly spray painted it white to give it a wintery affect.” Her original inspiration came from Ballard Designs Pinecone Topiary. Go visit Crazy […Read More]

Decorative Ledge

Brook from Being Brook decided she needed a mantel since her new home didn’t have a fireplace.  Using different mouldings and stacking them together they created a decorative ledge in their dining room. The original inspiration came from the Decorative Ledge from Pottery Barn which retails for $399. Check out Being Brook for the full […Read More]