Faux Mantel Wall Shelves

If you bemoan the fact that you don’t have a mantel and, therefore, a place displaying for cutesy holiday vignettes, you’ve got to check out these shelves from Mallory at Classy Clutter! Mallory built simple wall shelves by adding trim and corbels to a MDF board. These look great clustered together, so you can customize the number and size of your shelves to meet your space and decorative needs. Doesn’t Mallory’s suh-weet Valentine’s display make you want to build one right now!?!

diy cafe shelf

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White Café Shelves

Lindsay from Country Girl Home shows how simple it is to build your own set of café shelves with some MDF, molding, and corbels. The project only requires making a few cuts (some of which your friendly Home Depot worker can do for you) and some patience in waiting for everything to dry. By making […Read More]