Faux Mantel Wall Shelves

diy cafe shelf

If you bemoan the fact that you don’t have a mantel and, therefore, a place displaying for cutesy holiday vignettes, you’ve got to check out these shelves from Mallory at Classy Clutter! Mallory built simple wall shelves by adding trim and corbels to a MDF board. These look great clustered together, so you can customize the number and size of your shelves to meet your space and decorative needs. Doesn’t Mallory’s suh-weet Valentine’s display make you want to build one right now!?!

diy cafe shelf

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Black Café Shelving

It was love at first sight when Laura from Inspiration For Moms laid eyes on some café shelves in a catalog. Unfortunately, their purchase would cost her a Benjamin for each shelf. What’s a girl to but make them herself?!? With a little cutting, nailing, and painting, Laura had her shelves just in time to [...Read More]