Glittered Elastic Hair Ties and Bracelets


These glittered hair ties from Arena at The Nerd’s Wife are so cute and would make great gifts for gals who likes a little glitz. Anthro’s price of five hair ties for $12 may not seem too painful, but it hardly compares to 28 for less than $8! Plus, they are SO easy to make. Arena literally just cut glitter stretch elastic fabric into strips and tied a loop at the end. I love the idea of tossing some into stockings or attaching them to presents so they double as gift tags.

diy glitter hair ties

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Accordion Strands Ribbon Necklace


Most ladies can’t resist a new bauble, and in my book, the bigger the better! I love a statement piece like this accordion strand necklace made by Aubree from Yellow Blackbird. When Aubree first laid eyes on the inspiration necklace from Anthropologie, she immediately knew she could make her own. Sure, it’s not made from real silk, but it’s also not $278! Aubree made her necklace for only a few bucks using grosgrain ribbon, and the effect is just as lovely.

anthro knock off ribbon necklace

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Give the Gift of Relaxation with DIY Bath Bombs


There’s nothing that relaxes me quite like a nice soak in the tub. Throw in a bath bomb, and I’m in heaven! However, like Angela from Bare Root, I have a hard time stomaching $5 and up for one of those luscious bombs. That’s one pricey bath! Angela discovered that she could turn ingredients from around the house into her own bath bombs. So how about giving the gift of pampering and relaxation this holiday season?

diy bath bombs

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Turn Burlap Scraps Into a Christmas Tree


Burlap is something pretty much every crafty person has on hand. Why not turn a scrap of that fabric into a rustic Christmas tree? Melissa from Two It Yourself made a cone using a piece of cardstock then hot glued on strips of burlap to create loops. Here’s what Melissa has to say about her little burlap tree: “This project was simple and it didn’t cost me a dime because I had everything on hand.  Even if you don’t have burlap in your stash at home, you can still get by making this project for less than $5…”

burlap christmas tree

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Silent Night Chalkboard Wall Art

christmas chalkboard canvas

Kristen from Inspired Whims loved a “chalkboard-esque” Christmas pillow from Pottery Barn, but couldn’t splurge on it with all the other looming expenses of the holidays. It inspired Kristen’s inner artist, and she decided to recreate the look with an old canvas she had picked up off the side of the road. A little chalkboard paint and some fancy free-handing were all it took!

christmas chalkboard canvas

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No-Sew Poinsettia Pillow


Pottery Barn’s poinsettia pillow has been knocked off by many a DIYers. Adrianna from Crafterhours wanted to put her own spin on the project by utilizing fake poinsettia leaves instead of fabric for her flower. They are realistic looking and offer that same velvety texture as the PB original. If sewing isn’t your thing, you can fire up the hot glue gun and add the petals and jingle bells to a pre-existing pillow. Don’t you love when something that easy looks so pretty?!?

diy poinsettia pillow

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“Peace on Earth” Wreath with Chalk Art

peace on earth wreath

While catalogs provide plenty of eye candy for us to oh and ah over, they are also fabulous resources for styling our homes. Sometimes we can create a similar look using items we already have just by simply moving them around. A perfect example is this holiday vignette created by Kathleen of Charm Bracelet Diva {at Home}. Kathleen paired her holiday wreath with a DIY chalkboard she’d previously made to create this clever “Peace on Earth” vignette. It didn’t cost her a penny, and Kathleen can thank the brilliant stylists from Ballard!

peace on earth wreath

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Moss-Covered Letters for Front Door Décor


Bonnie from Uncommon Designs created these moss letters after seeing how amazing they looked in the Garnet Hill catalog. She did a stellar job covering the wood letters, even taking the time to carefully wrap each edge for a truly professional finish. Here’s what Bonnie has to say about her new front door letters: “They are a fun and whimsical twist on a traditional Christmas door décor. I cannot wait to decorate my porch after Thanksgiving and incorporate these fabulous moss letters.”

joy moss letters

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