Geometric Painted Rug for Only $20!

west elm inspired painted rug

Earlier this year I shared an amazing West Elm-inspired rug that Katie from Upcycled Treasures made with just a Sharpie in hand. Katie has blown me away again with another rug masterpiece! It sports a geometric Navajo design that Katie recreated in Illustrator.  This allowed Katie to create a template (without having to do any […Read More]

Stenciled Rug

stenciled rug

I finally jumped on the bandwagon this summer and stenciled a rug for my patio. I love the graphic impact the design brings to the seating area. Even after all the stenciled rugs I’ve seen around, I was still blown away when I saw the rug created by Lydia from Pudel-Design for the reading nook in her bedroom. Lydia made her own stencil, then traced it onto the entire rug, and hand painted it. I can only imagine the tedium involved in this process, but Lydia’s results are simply astounding!

stenciled rug

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