Knick Knack Candlestick

Gail from Purple Hues and Me was inspired by Anthropologie’s unique candlesticks made from found items to create one of her own. What makes Gail’s candlestick so special is that she was able to  repurpose her own sentimental trinkets and treasures. I think this is such a creative way to display items that have been passed down from family or doodads from when you were a kid and don’t know what to do with now. With Halloween around the corner, I can also see a very cool candlestick made with skulls, ghosts, and other creepy finds.

knock off knick knack candlestick

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Knickknack Candlesticks

Abbie from Five Days… 5 Ways fell in love with some unique candlesticks from Anthropologie made from an assortment of knickknacks. However, after seeing the $400 price tag, Abbie embarked on a mission to make her own that involved haunting thrift stores until she found just  pieces to recreate the candlesticks… with her own twist, […Read More]

Glass Hurricane Jars

I love the versatility of hurricane jars for decorating but am sometimes shocked at how pricey they can be. Emily from Décor Chick shares how to avoid the hefty price tag by making your own with dollar store materials. Emily attached a glass hurricane to a candlestick to create her footed hurricane jars for a […Read More]

Pedestal Glass Bowl

Kristen from My Covered Bridge found a candle holder from the Salvation Army with a great shape but not so great sponge paint finish. We all know that’s an easy fix though! Kristen took some chrome spray paint to the candle stick and then attached a large glass bowl to the top with some heavy […Read More]