Burlap Wall Organizer

For Tammy at A Walk in the Countryside this burlap memo board consumed her thoughts day and night until its completion. You know… it was one of those projects where things just don’t go as planned. However, in the end, Tammy came out the victor in her battle against the burlap. With the adjustable rod and cute burlap pouch, I think Tammy totally nailed the look of her inspiration!

knockoff pb rustic wall organizer

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Upholstered Burlap Chair

Kenz of Interiors by Kenz dreamed of having a grand upholstered chair like one from Restoration Hardware as an accent in her basement, no other chair would do. She worked some of her Cinderella magic to transform a wicker chair from the thrift store into a fancy burlap upholstered chair with nailhead trim and a grey-washed finish. Would you believe Kenz reupholstered the whole chair with just a hot glue gun???


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Burlap Leaf Pillow

Colleen from Mural Maker and More saw a darling oak leaf pillow floating around Pinterest and pinned it with the intent of hand painting it one day. Instead, she found a felt leaf from the dollar store that was perfect for creating a reverse stencil leaf print on some burlap. In under five minutes, Colleen got a fresh pop of color on her porch and never even broke out the sewing machine.


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Burlap Message Board

If you have kids in school, you know the overwhelming amount of paper that makes its way home. Crafty Sisters Candace and Nicole created a really awesome burlap message board to combat the paper clutter. The crisp burlap, perfect corners, and straight nailhead trim make the message board look like it came straight from Ballard’s catalog! The sisters’ board is even better though because it’s customized to fit the space and has an open frame in the back that allows for plug access.

burlap message board with nailhead trim

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Burlap Vase with Hymn

Cynthia from Simply Chic Treasures was shopping at Michaels when she came across a pretty burlap vase with script. It was more than she was willing to pay, but, fortunately, Cynthia’s a crafty gal who could fashion one of her own. Enter a dollar vase from Goodwill and a leftover scrap of burlap. I love […Read More]

Tin Can Burlap Vase

Even the ugliest container can be made beautiful with a bit of burlap and rope! Just check out this vase that Lucy from Craftberry Bush created from a tin can. After covering her can with burlap, Lucy finished the edges and handle with rope and then added text with a Sharpie. This is a great […Read More]

Burlap and Jute Lantern

Here’s yet another great way to create some mood lighting for your outdoor space! Doreen from Hymns and Verses made this lantern that’s full of natural appeal using burlap, rope, and jute. This is also an eco-friendly project since Doreen’s repurposed an empty tea container for the “frame” of her lantern. Doreen had all her […Read More]

Burlap Beach Pillow

Aimee from Twigg Studios handed painted a burlap pillow.  The white paint against the texture of the burlap looks awesome.  Burlap and white screams beachy, doesn’t it? She was inspired by a Beach Pillow at Pottery Barn that is no longer sold. Check out Twigg Studios for the full tutorial.