Frames with DIY Burlap Matting

It is important to me that my décor is meaningful, and there’s not much that means more than the faces of those I love. That means framed family photos are a must around my house! Erin from Life in the Dub Lane put some of her memories on display with Pottery Barn-inspired burlap frames that she created using $4 frames from IKEA. Erin says it was the “most thrifty little  replication” she’s ever done. Isn’t it amazing how something as cheap as burlap can give a more high-end look?!?

diy burlap frames

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Burlap Matting

You might be surprised that the box from this morning’s bowl of cereal could become wall décor that rivals that of Pottery Barn. Just check out this burlap mat that Melissa from Redfly Creations created from cardboard. A spray painted secondhand frame makes this project all the more thrifty!

diy burlap mat

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