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DIY Faux Flower Branches

When it comes to buying faux floral stems, it seems the options are to settle for plastic-y looking stems or pay absurd prices like $40 per stem! Mary from At Home on the Bay found a way around the dilemma by gluing the blooms from inexpensive craft store stems onto tree branches for a much more realistic look. Mary is so right when she says, “The sticks add that natural element that is missing from the plastic stems.”

faux quince branch

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Tissue Paper Flowers

This time of year I simply can’t get enough flowers. However, as much I love the look and scent of fresh flowers, I can’t justify spending lots of money on something that will end up in the garbage in a few days. DeDe from Designed Décor offers a budget-friendly solution with her tissue paper cherry blossoms. DeDe created her blooms from tissue paper and then hot glued them onto branches. It is amazing how real they look!

diy cherry blossom flowers from tissue paper

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Decorative Fireplace Screen

Vone at Vone Inspired needed to update her fireplace but couldn’t afford to buy a $200 screen. Since her family doesn’t use the fireplace, Vone decided she could make something that might not be functional but could at least add to the style of the space.  She did just that by building a screened frame and adding real branches and leaves cut from a soda can. When it’s all spray painted, it looks amazingly like an iron fireplace screen!

decorative fireplace screen

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