Key-Topped Bottles

t’s kind of hard to make key-topped bottles when you don’t have any antique keys. That is unless you’re a resourceful gal like Amy from Twigg Studios! Amy molded her own keys out of clay that have the same beautiful detail of her Pottery Barn inspiration. And I can guarantee they didn’t cost $59 to make!

clay keys bottles-008

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Macramé Antique Bottle

Back in the 70’s Susan from Homeroad could macramé with the best of them. This proved to be quite the useful skill when she laid eyes on demijohns covered with jute in a catalog. Susan had the perfect antique bottle to make her own and got to work with her waxed string. With just a […Read More]

Found Pharmacy Bottles

Jess from the The Crafty Cafe created an adorable “Love Potion #9” glass jar to store some Valentine’s treats in.   This is the perfect little addition to your Valentine’s Day tabletop vignette. Her original inspiration came from the Found Pharmacy Bottles found at the Pottery Barn website retailing from $69-$149.   Go visit The Crafty […Read More]