DIY Bottle Lamp

As Amanda from What Hopes and Dreams are Made of points out, glass lamps are a great fit for pretty much any color scheme or decorating style. It leaves little question to why they have soared in popularity! Amanda got in on the craze by making her own bottle lamp from an apple juice jug she already had. Amanda’s lamp came in at only $24.50, and that includes the shade!

diy bottle lamp

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Ceramic Flower Lamp

Mary from At Home on the Bay knew she had struck gold when she found a pair of ceramic vases for only $9.99 each at HomeGoods. They had a pretty flower detail that reminded her of something you’d find at Anthropologie. Mary’s original thought was to paint the vases until she realized that they’d make […Read More]

Glass Bottle Lamp

Meg from Revamp Homegoods is at it again!  This time she’s breaking out her thrifting skills to make a knockoff version of Pottery Barn’s Eva Glass Lamp which retails for $99. She lucked out by finding a glass bottle similar to her inspiration for only $2 at Goodwill. With a lamp kit and IKEA shade, […Read More]

Mercury Glass Lamp

When Bethany from Pitter and Glink couldn’t afford $259 for an etched mercury glass lamp from Pottery Barn, she decided to make her own version. Bethany shares how to get the same look using a glass vase, lamp kit, spray paint, and faux etching paint. This would be a great way to give new life […Read More]