Decorative Sunburst Mirror

Kim from Sand & Sisal created her own sunburst mirror that replicates the look of hand cut natural bone. This was definitely not a simple project, as Kim gives the disclaimer that it required a lot of time and patience, but the results are pretty fabulous! Kim’s “bones” are actually pieces of transparency that have [...Read More]

Stenciled Wall Plaques

Holli from Paint Me Plaid was inspired to create her own wall art using some craft paint and a stencil set. Holli created her designs on a set of 9 wood signs that fit snugly into a little wood frame. It was seriously perfect for this project! Holli did an awesome job layering the paint [...Read More]

Canvas Tree Paintings

Chris from Pickup Some Creativity was inspired by a fellow blogger to pick up her paints again and create a scenic triptych painting. Chris mixed acrylic paints with glazing medium to achieve the familiar feel of painting with oils like she’d done in high school. I love how Chris’ center panel is a different size [...Read More]

Damask Stenciled Curtains

The prices for designer curtains can be straight up highway robbery. Kathryn from Ugly Duckling was not about to spend hundreds on panels for a large window in her living room. Instead she demonstrates how easy it is to give plain panels that high dollar look using a stencil.  Stencils really open up a world [...Read More]

‘Joyeux Noel’ Christmas Pillow

I know Christmas is way over, but I found this awesome pillow from Debbie at Confessions of a Plate Addict that I just had to share. I guess I’ve still got the Christmas pillow fever! Debbie had all the items on hand for her pillow making it completely free. This pillow is just too cute [...Read More]

Jewelry Hanging Hooks

Micki from Mason Jar Champagne was inspired to re-purpose some hooks she already had on-hand to organize her long necklaces. About ten dollars worth of trim, a few coats of paint, and voila! Coupled with the earring organizer her sister gave her for Christmas, Micki now has a great accessorizing station in her closet! Micki [...Read More]

Song Lyric Rug

Rachel from Polka Dots and Puppies is purposeful about including  meaningful décor in her home. While redoing her master bedroom, Rachel refabbed an old rug she already had with the words to her and hubby’s wedding song. Rachel took the time to plan out her spacing so the entire song would fit onto the rug [...Read More]

Ribbon Stripe Curtains

After seeing some curtains with ribbon stripe details in a Ballard catalog, Jeannie from Maxwell House Interiors couldn’t get them off her mind. She eventually decided it couldn’t be too hard to dress up her current panels with some ribbon. If you aren’t a seamstress, you will be happy to learn Jeannie’s no-sew method. Jeannie [...Read More]