No-Sew Animal Print Pillow from Napkins

Jennifer from Decorated Chaos has always been drawn to animal prints and immediately fell in love with some brown and white printed pillows from Pottery Barn. Amazingly, she was browsing Pier 1 when she came across cloth napkins with an almost identical coloring and pattern – and they were on clearance! She grabbed two and […Read More]

Safari Print Finial

You may remember the painted safari print ornaments that Morena of Morena’s Corner created for Christmas. Well Morena found a way to incorporate the ornaments into her daily décor by turning them into decorative finials. If animal prints aren’t your thing, Morena points out that you can use ornaments with any design to make a finial you’ll love.

diy animal print curtain finial

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Animal Print Ornament

Morena over at Morena’s Corner went a little wild with her Christmas décor this year by creating a couple of fun animal print ornaments for her tree. Morena stenciled the safari design onto a glass ornament using glass paints to create this unique ornament. Morena says, “No elves, snow, or bright colors on this ornament.  Just elegantly painted glass in a pattern that’s very trendy right now.”

animal print ornament

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Zebra Print Painted Rug

Jeanne from J and J Home became her sister’s accomplice in creating a zebra print rug for a small nook in her dining room. The sisters had the brilliant idea to paint a cheap rug and used a stencil made from wax paper and some latex paint to get the job done. Jeanne and her […Read More]

Zebra Print Painted Floorcloth

After yearning for a zebra print rug for her living room, Charlotte from Living Well on the Cheap decide to save some coin and hand paint her own design on a 9’ x 12’ canvas dropcloth. She coated the surface with shellac for durability and then freehanded her zebra stripes. The end result is a […Read More]