Classic Concrete Garden Spheres

Pam from Simple Details is a big fan of outdoor accessories and décor but says, “too much of a good thing can take your space from classic to cluttered and cutesy in no time.” That’s why Pam loves the serene look of Restoration Hardware’s stone garden spheres. Instead of spending hundreds of dollars PER stone, […Read More]

Monogram Zipper Pouch

If you loved the chevron beach totes by Jaime from That’s My Letter that I recently shared, then you’ll go gaga for the cutie zipper pouches she created from the remnants. These little pouches would be super handy for holding lip gloss and personal items in a purse or tote or packing make-up and toiletries for travel. What mom can’t use a little more organization in her life?

chevron zipper pouch

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Monogram Charm Key Chain

If you are dabbling with the idea of DIY this Mother’s Day, Morena of Morena’s Corner shares an easy-to-make gift idea that she says is perfect for beginners. Over at Crafts Unleashed, she walks you through the steps to create a monogrammed key chain that jingles and jangles with lots of pretty charms. Think how fun it would be to customize it to reflect Momma’s favorite colors and style!

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Scarf Bow Ballet Flats

We’ve all heard the jokes about how women love their shoes. If your mom is one of those ladies who needs a separate closet to house her shoe collection, then this gift idea is for you! Stacie from Stars for Streetlights dressed up a pair of Payless flats by adding a bow made from an old scarf. Aren’t they pretty?

anthropologie knock off scarf ballet flats

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Mannequin Bust Jewelry Holder

Morena of Morena’s Corner shares at Crafts Unleashed how she combined her love for all things vintage and the dressmaker’s form trend to create a truly unique jewelry holder. Morena did a great job achieving an antiqued finish and walks you through the simple steps to get the same look. This piece is “striking” on its own or draped with necklaces and other accessories.


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Jewelry Hanging Hooks

Micki from Mason Jar Champagne was inspired to re-purpose some hooks she already had on-hand to organize her long necklaces. About ten dollars worth of trim, a few coats of paint, and voila! Coupled with the earring organizer her sister gave her for Christmas, Micki now has a great accessorizing station in her closet! Micki […Read More]

Flora Throw Pillow

Tanya from Trey & Lucy shares both a picture and video tutorial on how to make these adorable roses that are great for accessorizing and decorating. The first one she made was intended for a pillow but ended up as a hair accessory. I love me some fun, chunky accessories! Tanya eventually did make one […Read More]

Colorful Abacus Wall Décor

Jenny from Anything Pretty was feeling a bit stressed about finding the perfect décor to grace the wall above her baby’s crib. Then she had the genius idea to create this colorful abacus for the space. The bright colors are perfect for a child’s room or playroom. Junior will undoubtedly enjoy staring up at this […Read More]