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Sympathy Flowers 101: A Quick Guide What to Send Instead of Flowers


Sympathy flowers are usually sent to one who is experiencing the loss of a loved one. Sympathy flowers are a symbolism of our heartfelt condolences, celebration of life, and our hope to comfort the bereaved.

There are, however, other sympathy gifts that you can get instead of flowers. You can also buy gifts that can be complemented with flowers. Here is a list of what you can buy as alternatives:

1. Memorial Mug

A memorial mug is one that has the picture of the deceased loved one on the front of the mug. It can be accompanied by a comforting statement, or a saying that they used to enjoy using.

Whenever one drinks from the mug, they may enjoy the memories prompted by the memorial mug. You can also send sympathy flowers to accompany this gift together with a personalized note to the receiver.

2. Acts of Service

The moment which usually hits home the most after losing a loved one is when one is left alone with their thoughts. After the funeral, and after people have left the house having wished you well, the silence can be deafening.

It is in these moments that acts of service mean the most. Some may struggle with keeping the house in shape, cooking, or eating.

You can organise with one of the flower delivery websites and send flowers to the bereaved.

You can then show up to their house after having received the flowers and offer any service that they require. This orchestration will show your genuine concern and sympathy, and will be appreciated.

3. Canvas Photo Collage

You can have a photo collage of the deceased and their loved ones made.

These memories can be displayed on the wall and appreciated by those in the household. the photo collage can also be in the form of cup holders, kitchen trays and table mats.

These useful gifts will forever be etched memories of the deceased and can be passed on from one generation to the next if it is in the form of a family gift.

4. A Plant

You can send a plant in memorial. Gifting a plant can symbolize celebrating the life of the deceased seeing that the remaining loved ones will have to nurture the plant to keep it alive.

An alternative is to buy seedlings and plant a tree in the garden in memory of the passed on loved one.

The symbolism remains the same in that the tree will need to be nurtured and, when it grows, the remaining loved ones can ascribe their symbolisms to the plant or tree.

5. Memory Jar

Gifting a memory jar means purchasing a beautiful looking jar and asking people to write memories of the deceased on pieces of paper. The pieces of paper are then collected and placed in the jar.

You can then include a card explaining how the jar is one of the memories for the loved ones to read and enjoy. Such gifts keep positive memories alive.

6. Memorial Jewelry

Jewelry with the name of a loved one who has passed on can be made and inscribed. For example, you can send a custom-made bracelet for a loved one grieving.

The jewelry will forever be a reminder that, although their loved one may no longer be on the physical earth, the soul and memories live on.

Memorial jewelry doesn’t have to be worn but can also be displayed where the receiver wishes to.

You don’t have to worry about whether the receiver appreciates jewelry or not as it’s not meant for fashion but memorial.

7. Chinese Lantern


You can send two Chinese lanterns – one for yourself and another for one who has just lost a loved one. You can then visit on a night where you can both decorate and light your lanterns in memory of the deceased.

This gesture may also help the loved ones remaining to grieve by implementing loving gestures towards the deceased.


Flowers are a beautiful gift, but they don’t have to be only sympathy gift that you can send.

You can also gift a memorial mug, offer acts of service as well as a beautiful bouquet, have a canvas photo collage made, buy a plant or plant a tree, gift memorial jewelry or give a Chinese lantern.

The sympathy gesture and the memories gifted will forever be appreciated by the receiver. The best gifts in such scenarios are ones that are accompanied by quality time and gestures.

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