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Super Easy Watercolor Brushstroke Art

While shopping online, Erica from Dwell Beautiful says she was struck by the simple beauty of watercolor brushstroke art and the impact multiple pieces made grouped in a gallery.

Erica grabbed her watercolors and enjoyed a little time outside painting away. Like she says, this really isn’t a project you need any artistic skill to complete and perfection is certainly not required.

I love how cute they are hanging on the clipboards!

anthropologie inspired watercolor art

Erica said it best when she described these as “simplistic beauty” and how much visual interest they draw when several are grouped together in a gallery-like display (see the inspiration photo below).

She really hits the nail on the head with that description.

This one truly is simplistic because: A) It doesn’t require any expensive supplies, and B) Not much creativity is required!

The result is colorful and fun wall decor that can work in hallways, bathrooms, and secondary walls in your main living space.

Color isn’t the only variation you use in this artwork. Different brush sizes help bring the effect home as well. If you’re a regular DIY crafter, then get out your entire set up brushes and get ready to go to town.

Water Color Art supplies

Tips on Getting a Nice Finished Product

Erica used some inexpensive clipboards from Staples. A big contrast in cost from the nearly $70 frames that Anthropologie’s version uses.

Next, she cut some regular printer paper down to a size that would allow the clipboard to give the “canvas” some natural border – this is a nice touch to her version.

Then, since you’re working with watercolor on thin sheets of paper, you want to avoid the edges curling up. Simply tape down the paper’s corners with masking tape to avoid this. Curling is just so… amateur, right?!

Erica says experimenting is the key here. Try out different brush sizes. Use less water for deeper colors and more water for pastel coloring in lighter tones.

The best part is you don’t have to be perfect with this sort of abstract approach. The main thing is to vary the colors, so that on the wall you get some pop.

Of course, if you aren’t satisfied with where one is going simply scrap it and grab another piece of paper.

Erica was inspired by the artwork pictured in Anthropologie’s Enamel Art Frames.

enamel art frame

You might like the frames better, so by all means pick up some cheap frames as a retail surplus store or visit some thrift stores.

There’s a rustic quality you can introduce to this art when you use ornate frames like these inspiration pieces.

Either way, grouping 3-5 of these will surely have an impact in the way of color splash anywhere in your house that needs it.

Inspiration photo for water color art

Read more at Dwell Beautiful. There, you’ll find Erica’s full tutorial infused with words that clearly show her enthusiasm and the fun she had creating hers.

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Thursday 10th of July 2014

Thank you SO much for featuring my Anthropologie watercolor knock-off! What a great website you have - love all your other features! :)


Friday 11th of July 2014

Glad to feature you here, Erica, and thanks for the love! :)

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