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Sunroom Decorating Ideas

During this chilly time of year, there’s nothing quite like looking forward to nice, warm temperatures enjoyed from a comfortable seat in a well-decorated sunroom. The sunrooms shown here all have a few things in common, from comfortable seating to magnificent views of nature. Maybe you’ll feel inspired to redecorate your sunroom before the weather warms up again.


A Gas Fireplace and Some Colorful Accents

Sunroom with gas fireplace

A sunroom with a gas fireplace. Home Edit

The best part of this sunroom (besides the view of the surrounding yard, of course) is the gas fireplace. A fireplace is great for slightly chilly summer nights. The furniture in this space is arranged around the fireplace, and the white furniture goes nicely with the stark walls. The only brightness in the room comes from the accent pillows and the items on the tabletop, allowing the green view of the outdoors to speak for itself.

A Majestic Sunroom with A Dramatic Skylight

Sunroom with fireplace

A sunroom with a wood burning fireplace. Home Edit

As if this sunroom didn’t let in enough light with its open walls, it also has a dramatic skylight built into the ceiling. The wood burning fireplace provides some warmth – even unlit – thanks to its stone facade. The furniture in this room is simple and classic, from the cane rocking chairs to the nesting tables and the rattan accents on the sofa. Combined, this room becomes quite comfortable indeed.

A Flower-Filled Sunroom Allows the Outdoors In

Flower filled sunroom

Flower-filled sunroom Home Edit

This simple sunroom is designed for the flowers and shrubbery that fill it. The furniture here fades in the background, especially in light of the dramatic pink flowered vine that dominates the space. All in all, this is a very tranquil and relaxed setting, which is great if you’re into yoga or meditation.

A Simple Sunroom that Isn’t Overwrought

Simple sunroom

A simple sunroom. Home Edit

It’s easy to over decorate a room. This one has some dramatic touches, from the black lacquered table to the zebra print rug and the dual urns. However, since these are the only things in the room, it remains somewhat classic looking – classically opulent, that is. Adding any more items to this space would have overwhelmed it completely.

A Piece of Classic Americana

Skylighted sunroom

A light-filled sunroom. Home Edit

When you think of things that fit into the classic Americana category, the wooden chaise, the plaid futon, and the simple chairs in this room come to mind. Combined, they look comfortable, welcoming, and everything that you want in a sunroom that isn’t overly complicated.

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