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Strawberry Planter Tower

Strawberry planters from the garden store can be costly and they don’t always work as well as we would like. Ananda from has designed a tower that uses recycled materials an even has a water reservoir built right in.

strawberry tower

She started with 5-gallon nursery pots although buckets will work too. Ananda then drilled drain holes both on the sides and on the bottom of the pots and filled them with good potting soil. The genius in this project is the use of a one-liter plastic water bottle to create the water reservoir. The bottom of the bottle is cut off and holes are punched through the cap and up and down the sides of the bottle. The bottle is then placed with the cap down into the center of the pot. Soil and small pebbles are placed in the pot around the bottle and your tower is ready to stack.

strawberry tower

Ananda gives pointers on how to get the best crop of strawberries.

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