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Storage Bed for a Small Space

When deciding on a bed for the upstairs bedroom of her small mountain cottage home, Pam of DIY Design Fanatic knew storage was a must.

The Pottery Barn Stratton Bed offered everything Pam needed – plenty of storage and stylish baskets to boot. However, it was certainly breaking the bank at $1,499.

Thankfully, Ana White came to the rescue with the plans, simplifying the DIY process for Pam and her hubs, so they could simply buy their materials and get to building and painting.

If you’re looking for a simpler solution that still maximizes space, consider a small double ottoman bed.

I’ve found this type of bed is perfect for smaller bedrooms, providing extra storage under the mattress with a simple lift-up mechanism.

It’s a practical choice for those who need to store away items like seasonal clothes or extra bedding, especially in compact living spaces like Pam’s mountain cottage.

A small double ottoman bed offers the dual benefits of functionality and space-saving without the need for a complex DIY project.

I love how this design utilizes that often wasted under-the-bed space and allows for open or hidden storage depending on your needs.

knock off pottery barn stratton bed

It might look like a lot of construction because of it’s size, but it’s not too bad.

Pam takes you through how she and her hubs basically made three boxes and then tied them together.

She uses a nifty paint sprayer to get a professional looking, nice and even coat of paint.

It really turned out great. This project is a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want under-bed storage in a style that can fit almost any decor?

My only suggestion is to watch your toes. If you’re used to a standard metal bed frame, then you’re probably used to the foot space it provides directly beneath the box spring and slats, and frame edge.

If there was some way to elevate this storage bed structure all the way around, then you wouldn’t have to worry about it!


The original inspiration came from the Stratton Storage Bed with Baskets from Pottery Barn.

The baskets would add to your cost, but they sure can make a difference. Just wait until you find some on sale.

stratton storage bed with baskets

Pam shares all the details about her build and with lots of fabulous photos along the way over at DIY Design Fanatic.

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