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Stately and Simple Blue Buffet Table

Often we love the style of a piece of furniture, but struggle with the color or grain of the wood. Carrie from Thirty Eighth Street explains her feelings on painting furniture.

If you don’t love a piece of furniture- change it so that you can love it. -Thirty Eighth Street

We often see furniture we love, but struggle with decisions to paint over the wood. As Carrie explains, in the case of her Buffet table, the grain of the wood was competing with the texture elements.

The hardest part of this project may be locating a piece of furniture as beautiful as this buffet. Once you find something you believe will be unique to your decor, use her detailed instructions for painting.

Carrie provides links for an easy distressing technique as well. Modern, easy, and elegant this furniture makeover will add charm to any decor.

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Kris Kne

Sunday 17th of September 2017

What color did you use on the buffet? Absolutely beautiful!

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