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Stained Glass Mosaic Wall Art

Today’s knock off deviates a bit from a replication of an item seen in a store or online.

It’s actually a reproduction of something money can’t buy – the rose window of Notre Dame! Ananda from A Piece of Rainbow blew me away with this project in which she turned an old glass tabletop into her very own stained glass rose window, and I simply had to share!

This was actually a gift for Ananda’s husband, and she incorporated memorable moments of their life together, such as hiking in the mountains and watching the sunset by the ocean, into the design.

How amazing is this!?!

diy mosaic stained glass wall art

Ananda was inspired by the rose window of Notre Dame.

notre dame rose window

Ananda shares how to make your own stained glass mosaic step-by-step at A Piece of Rainbow.

Sharing is Caring!


Tuesday 6th of January 2015

thank you so much dear beckie for the feature!! i so appreciate it!! =)


Thursday 8th of January 2015

This is truly amazing, Ananda! Thank you so much for sharing with KOD!

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