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Spinning Storage Shelf

In need of storage for her craft space, Jeanette from Country Design Style created a revolving shelf that has room to spare. Jeanette added her own flair by gluing various styles of trim to the top and bottom. I love how accessible everything is with this design. Instead of searching around in a cabinet or drawer, just give it a spin and craft away!

spinning craft storage

Jeanette was inspired by the Revolving Bookcase from PB Teen.

pb teen revolving bookcase

Find the complete tutorial at Country Design Style.

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Rachel of OddModicum

Thursday 29th of August 2013

Hiya, Miss Jeanette! I ADORE your revolving bookcase, and pinned this blog post to my 'Snazzy ways to Organize before I'm buried alive by craft supplies' pinterest board. ;) But alas, the link given to the tutorial at 'Homa Style' seems to be dead. Do you have another place where we can view the full tutorial? Pretty please? Love love love your bookcase, and particularly love that its storage 'up' instead of 'out' to save on wallspace... the revolving factor just makes it that much more space effecient!

Thanks so very much, and again... killer project! Rachel of OddModicum (you can message me here) or at


Thursday 29th of August 2013

I contacted Jeanette, and she is actually in the process of moving her projects to a new site. Here is the new link to the revolving bookcase: I will also update it in my post. Thanks for reading!


Thursday 29th of August 2013

Hi Rachel, I could not get the link to work or even visit Jeanette's site, Homa Style, for that matter. It appears the site might be down and the tutorial no longer available. You could always check back later though and see if it works. Sorry I can't be of more help.


Saturday 8th of September 2012



Friday 31st of August 2012

Thank you, thank you thank you for featuring my revolving bookcase. It's has proved to be the most use piece of furniture in the craft room. Make that the whole house! Could be because it's fun to spin!

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