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Space Saving and Functional Wall Locker

Do you have enough storage space? Are you able to stay organized with shoes, coats, and hats? This storage solution problem seems to face many of us. Ashley from Shabby2Chic has shared an amazing wall locker project she made for her sister. A perfect combination of decorative form and function, this wall locker is home next to the garage door in the home.


That is not the only place this could be used. Think children’s rooms, laundry room, or anywhere you hang bags, coats, hats, and gloves. The storage baskets could hold toys instead of hats in a child’s room. The combined beauty and utility make this wall locker a must do project as a storage solution.

Ashely provides a PDF download for supplies and instructions. An abundance of how-to pictures allows you to see step by step the construction of the locker. Whether your decor is modern, rustic, country, or modern farmhouse, this locker will fit in any room of your home. Love it Ashley !!

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