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How to Organize Your Craft Room

Does your craft room leave you feeling discouraged?

You have lots of great ideas to work on, but the hassle of finding everything is quite overwhelming.

Nicole from Inspired Paper Crafts shares with us her amazing organized craft room.

Her detailed pictures show us how she organized her ribbons, papers, ink pads and machines.

If you are into other types of crafts apart from paper crafting you could employ the same techniques in your room.

The great feeling you will have when you are able to find the exact item you are needing to complete your fabulous project will leave you excited and accomplished.

Her craft room allows her to create and then clean up and be ready for her next inspired project.

She explains which stores she found her storage containers and her thought process along the way.

If you have the means to put together an organization system for your craft room now is a good time to get started.

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