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Solid Sturdy Rustic Headboard

If you’ve visited one of the pricey home good stores, you’ve probably noticed that most of them carry beautiful bedroom furniture with a price tag many of us can only gasp at. Shelly at Thedomesticheart has had the same experience and decided to create her own rustic wood plank headboard that mimics the ones seen in the expensive stores at a fraction of the cost.

Rustic Headboard

Fortunately for us, she walks us through the construction with a complete supply list as well as detailed photos and diagrams of the construction process. Her headboard is designed for a queen-sized bed but the supplies and cutting instructions can easily be adapted for any size bed. Any kind of lumber can be used for this project, even reclaimed wood from a variety of sources.

Rustic Headboard

Shelly also explains in detail how she achieved the custom stain blend she used to give her headboard a dark finish with a hint of grey for a weathered look.

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