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Concrete Dining Table: Industrial or Farmhouse?

This concrete dining table came with some heavy inspiration…and I mean heavy.

Made from solid concrete just like it’s knock off from Restoration Hardware, the table top was created by DIY’er April at Uncookie Cutter.

April explains that her copy-cat project turned out just as beautiful as the $2,500 version she found from RH.

But from the experience came many “dos and don’ts” lessons. She happily shares her journey and all the pertinent details with you at her blog.

You can follow April along as she takes you through, first, creating the mold for the concrete top.

She uses melamine-lined plywood that she fabricates herself. She then adds mesh and rebar for ample reinforcement once the concrete is poured in and allowed to set.

You’ll see how she enhances her table top “slab” by adding a cement coloring agent to her mix.

This gives the concrete a deeper tone so her table doesn’t resemble.well, a sidewalk.

To finish off the top, she fills any pits and divots with Portland cement, sands several times, then coats with a polycryclic sealant.

April completes the project by constructing a strong base that’s up for the job of holding the weighty concrete top.

She provides the plans, step-for-step on how to do this and even gives some tips for ways to bribe friends over to help carry and position it just right to complete the table.

It’s a nice looking result in the end that surely rivals Restoration Hardware’s version.

She says she was originally envisioning a farmhouse look, but this project definitely carries a distinct industrial vibe as well. See photos and the complete details at uncookiecutter.

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