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Top Small House Design Ideas to Get the Most from Your Space

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Just a few decades ago, people shunned small houses. They were fascinated with owning and living in large sprawling homes.

The dream of potential homeowners was to buy a big home that is the envy of peers and all.

In more recent times, people are more likely to own and live in smaller homes.

The diminishing size of homes is attributed to factors such as high population density, increase in nuclear families, urbanization, and care for the environment.

In line with the trend, architects, builders and interior designers have shifted their skill and experience into small house design.

Potential homeowners are looking for small house design ideas that maximize their living space and are aesthetically pleasing.

How to Design a Small House

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The following are top small house design ideas in 2020 that will help you make the most of the space you have.

Hidden Storage

One of the most enduring small house interior design ideas is the use of hidden storage spaces. You should make use of every nook and cranny within the house to store away your household items.

Small houses do not have the luxury of storing your belongings in open spaces.

Areas such as under beds and under the staircase can be converted into storage areas by having boxes and shelves.

More innovative ways of adding storage space is having discrete drawers under every step of your staircase where you can stash away your items.

Multipurpose and Foldaway furniture

Furniture consumes most of the space in a small house. The use of multipurpose furniture will go a long way in adding much needed space in a small house.

It is one of the classic interior design ideas for small houses. For example, a sofa bed which can be pulled out into a bed when you have guests.

The foldaway furniture will do exactly as the name suggests – fold away – and is then stacked away when not in use.

It will be a great idea for dining table sets and beds which are not used regularly during the day.

Make use of foldaway furniture to free up space with beds that fold up into closets, collapsible kitchen islands, and desks that can be pulled out of the wall.

Mount your TV on the Wall

Having a media console will end up using up space in a small living room. Mounting the TV on a wall such as above the fireplace will free up much needed floor space.

Use Mirrors

Affixing mirrors on the walls of your small house will help create an illusion of a large space. Creative small house interior design in the use of mirrors can lead to the installation of a statement piece on one of the walls.

Make Use of the Vertical Spaces

Small houses will typically have a cramped floor plan. Making use of the vertical spaces between the floor and the ceiling rather than having to bring in cabinets.

Installation of shelves at suitable heights will maximize storage capacity without sacrificing space.

An interior designer can help incorporate small house design ideas to combine storage and décor with shelves on the wall.

The incorporation of different textures, full length windows drapes or blinds, and many other design elements will make the room feel spacious.

Use Sliding Doors and Windows

Another of the interior design ideas for small houses is the use of sliding doors and windows.

Conventional doors and windows that swing on hinges will often bump into furniture in the room and also consume the space within a room.

Sliding wood or glass doors and windows will save you space and add to the unique feel of the small space.

The glass doors and windows will allow in as much natural light as possible into the house.

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Get Rid of Clutter

One of the golden rules of small house designs is the use of big but fewer statement pieces. They achieve a more positive impact in adding to the aesthetic beauty of the space.

These bigger items as opposed to small items help to reduce the amount of clutter in a room.

Avoid small items in decoration of the house and store away small objects to avoid cluttering.

Routinely reduce the amount of clutter in the house since it slowly becomes an eyesore lying in the open.

Use a Light Color Scheme and Good Lighting

Use light colors to brighten the house and make it look more spacious. The lighter color reflects more light around the room.

On the opposite end, dark colors absorb light making the room darker and appear smaller than it is.

Some of the recommended colors include white, pastel colors, and lighter greys. The colors can be incorporated in items of furniture and wall statements.

Use Flexible Partitions

To get the most out of a small house without sacrificing space, make use of flexible or folding partitions. Get rid of permanent partitions in the room to free it up and connect spaces.

The partitions allow flexibility since they can be moved around or stored away if need arises.

A partial glass wall can serve up a trick since it will allow more light into the house and connect adjacent spaces in your home.

Another good option is hanging up a full length curtain to partition a space and use it multi-functionally.

Flexible partitions also come in handy when you decide to reorganize a room or the entire house.

Use All Surface Spaces

Do not shy away from using spaces such as window sills as extra storage or staging space for décor. Your windowsill can act as a table to place books, lighting pieces and other essentials.

In conclusion, small spaces require a lot of planning to bring out various design elements and to maintain functionality. Without proper planning, you risk limiting future design prospects and fail to maximize the small space you have.

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