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10 Small Bedrooms Makeover Ideas

small bedroom interior

Your bedroom is a very important room in your home. You spend a lot of time there, and want it to be a room that looks good.

Many people will spend time remodeling and changing the room until it fits their unique preferences and tastes.

Unfortunately, you might feel as though your choices are limited if you have a small bedroom. Well thankfully, that isn’t actually the case.

There are several great ideas and options for making over your small bedroom, and this article is going to cover a few of them.

Get a New Bed

Sometimes, a brand new bed is all you need to take a bedroom to the next level. It should be comfortable, as well as also fit the color and decor of the room.

In addition to the frame and sheets/covers, be sure that you get a high quality mattress that is the right material and size. 

Use Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to make a room feel larger. They can trick the eye into perceiving there is more space in a room than there actually is. These mirrors can be hung on walls, or even just leaned if you are short on space.

Mirrors can come in all different shapes and sizes, so choose some that fit with your space.

Add Storage Furniture

bedroom with turquoise accents

Multi-purpose furniture is another thing to consider in a small bedroom. It can not only function as a traditional piece of furniture, but will include some storage, which is never a bad thing in a small bedroom.

You can get storage benches, or even a bed with storage underneath. This can provide you with ample storage, without taking up any additional space.

Don’t Forget About the Walls

In many homes, the walls often go forgotten except for the odd piece of art. Instead, consider using your walls. You can add floating shelves, hang things on your walls or do any number of different things to put them to good use.

While you don’t want to completely cover your walls with storage, as that can look a bit busy, a few shelves up on the walls of a small bedroom can generally be a good look.

Consider Light Colors

The choice of color in your small bedroom (or throughout a small house design!) is another important thing to think about. In order to make a room seem bigger, you normally want to go with lighter colors.

They reflect light well, and can help a room appear more open and vast. White is a common choice, but you can also go with a beige, a light grey, pastels or a soft brown.

Built-ins Are Your Friend

scandinavian style bedroom interior

Built-ins like shelves or bookcases can help provide you with ample storage, without the need for a bulky piece of furniture up against the wall.

While having these installed in your walls isn’t always cheap, it can gain you access to much needed extra storage space in your small bedroom.

Think About a Murphy Bed

While you might not love the idea of a murphy bed, there is no doubt that these wall beds can help you save a ton of space in your small bedroom.

They can also be decorated and customized in very modern ways, to ensure they look good in addition to being very functional.

Go Without the Headboard

A headboard can be an important part of how a bed looks, but they can also take up a ton of space. If space is hard to come by in your bedroom, it might be better to avoid one altogether.

If you absolutely feel you want or need one, choose one that doesn’t take up a ton of space or isn’t too bulky.

Use the Corners

The corners in many rooms go unused. This is because many items simply aren’t designed to fit in corners or look awkward there. But if you have a small bedroom, you need all of the space you can get.

As a result, you should consider buying corner shelves, a corner table or other piece of furniture specifically designed for corners. It will give you more usable space, without sticking out or looking out of place.

Opt for Larger Windows

small bedroom interior with king size mirror and black and white

Natural light is incredibly important in any room, especially one that is small. It helps the room look brighter and not as cramped. This natural light should come through large windows.

Similar to mirrors a large window can help a room look like it has more space. If your small room only has tiny windows, it can feel a little bit more like a jail cell than a bedroom.

We hope that these small bedroom makeover ideas have been able to inspire you to take your bedroom to the next level.

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