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Simply Wonderful Vanity Makeover

Stacy from Anastasia Vintage shares with us how to get past the ugly, and transform it into something beautiful with her vanity makeover. She admits she was turned off with the vanity when she first came upon it, but with some tough love and elbow grease, it became truly unique.

This vanity would be just right for a little girl or young lady needing a place to apply makeup. The storage space is versatile enough to hold perfumes, makeup, and brushes. Stacy brilliantly transforms this from undesirable to a showstopper.

Here’s the best part, with some Mod Podge and Floral napkins, a flair and sophistication takes over the drawers. Stacy shares how she stripped the table and added different layers of paint and stain to achieve the look in the picture. Have a table in mind ? You’ll want to show if off to all your friends and family. What is least expected is often most wonderful.

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